Police Equipment

A few police equipment pieces for a two-thirds life size statue. (Gun in holster, taser, walkie talkie, remote mic., and handcuffs in a cuff case.)
The challenge here, besides the poor reference pictures provided, was to make accurate depictions of the equipment at 2/3 size.
I was given measurements for each piece and had to scale them down mathematically to ensure an accurate size.

The picture below shows how I start off by blocking in the rough shapes.
Notice the size of the handcuffs and cuff case here. To figure out the currect size, I divide the actual size into thirds in my head and then double it.
In the case of the cuffs, I forgot to double it so they started out only 1/3 size.

In the next image (scroll down) the cuffs are corrected to be the proper 2/3 scale.

Some parts are missing on these sculptures because they are easier to make in wax or bronze after the parts are cast.

Sculptures of Kulzer Design Studios